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Knight Stick
Protects Alpacas

KnightStick protects your alpacas

When we were first approached about a new product called Knight Stick, we were more than willing to try it because of the problems created by biting flies during the birthing season on our alpaca farm. We are committed to finding products that are safe for not just our animals, but also for the environment. Being a product that is insecticide and odor free made the Knight Stick even more attractive to us.

We began using this fly trap on our alpaca farm, which has a herd of approximately 70 animals, and were instantly pleased with the results. We have used sprays, sticky strips, and a variety of other types of fly traps and we are now sold on the Knight Stick for our farm. The ease with which the sheets are replaced on the trap, and the effectiveness of the trap itself, make Knight Stick the number one fly trap at Abenaki Acres!

Elizabeth E. Johnson
Abenaki Acres Farm
908-782-0025 Farm
856-430-2219 Cell
908-782-7205 Fax

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Photos by Abenaki Acres Farm.

Can you find the fly Niben is staring at. Renegade's full name is Victor's HemiAccoyo Renegade. Isn't he pretty? Young alpacas are known as cria, then juveniles, then yearlings at twelve months. Click photos for full size view.

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KnightStick protects little Alpacas KnightStick protects big Alpacas KnightStick traps blood sucking Biting flies