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Stable Flies

Here's an example of the great job that BugJammer home and Garden unit does attracting and capturing Stable Flies (Stomoxis Calcitrans). The photo was taken outside a beach house on the New Jersey shore. This is the way to protect your horses, cattle, alpacas, and chickens against Stable Flies, Green Heads, and other Biting Flies.
Flying insects attracted by the electronic produced sound frequency and visual cues, alight on the resonator cap and are captured on the glue sleeve cover.
Field tests show the range of attraction to be in excess of 1,000 feet in all directions as long as there was no interference from buildings or vegetation. The non toxic glue is especially designed to hold insects that land with a very light touch, such as mosquitoes. The number and species of mosquitoes vary depending on the type of electronic heart beat sound employed.

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