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BugJammer Knight Stick Biting Fly Control

Market research identified a strong interest in low cost, effective means for the control of biting flies, where a secondary signal such as heat is unnecessary. In response BugJammer has developed Knight Stick, a product for controlling only biting flies. It does not capture mosquitoes. USDA tests proved the statistical equivalence of Knight Stick to BugJammer Home and Garden in biting fly capture.
Since its invention BugJammer has proven effective at attracting and capturing targeted biting insect. With strong (57-65 decibels) low frequency sound, mostly out of human hearing range, BugJammer has the ability to attract biting pests to the target resonator in preference to normal prey. This does not eliminate all bites, but can greatly reduce biting intensity. For example, in stable fly tests by the USDA at the University of Florida Horse Farm, it was observed that stable flies would pass horses in a paddock and go directly to the trap 95% of the time. In green head fly tests in New Jersey, the green heads flew through large groups of observers to strike the BugJammer target. No bites were reported.
Some researchers believe that mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and other biting insects are mainly attracted to their prey by a carbon dioxide gradient. We have shown that carbon dioxide is a short range attractant and strong feeding stimulant. However, when carbon dioxide is placed in the vicinity of a BugJammer, the insects go to the BugJammer target and not to the carbon dioxide source. BugJammer remains the preferred method to control stable flies at the University of Florida Horse farm in Gainesville Florida.

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