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New improved BugJammer Home and Garden unit

BugJammer technology was originally commercialized by Applica Consumer Products Inc. under the name SonicWeb and enjoyed good consumer acceptance. However, they no longer manufacture the product.
The new, improved BugJammer Home and Garden unit, now available, outperforms previous commercial models at a significantly lower cost. The BugJammer Home and Garden low voltage unit, with sound, heat and visual cues is manufactured in the United States for use against mosquitoes. For more information, contact BugJammer Inc.
The resurgence in insect borne diseases (such as Malaria) and the lack of effective, environmentally safe pesticides for insect control has government and pest control authorities scrambling for novel solutions.
Even when new pesticides are introduced, there is high probability that resistance to a novel agent will develop. However, resistant and non-resistant insect species alike are captured with BugJammer products. Our products are environmentally safe, pesticide free and have no odor.

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