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Knight Stick
Protects Tigers


KnightStick works great

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Protect your family, your yard, your farm, your animals from the harmful effects of annoying biting flies and mosquitoes.

Tell Mosquitos To Go home

Home & Garden Mosquito Traps
Stop Mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus
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Knight Stick Stops Biting Flies

Knight Stick Biting Fly Traps
No Stable Flies, No Greenheads -- Gone
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The Biting Flies are coming

Catch them all with BugJammer and Knight Stick Traps. Pesticide free, durable, easy to use. More cost effective than Sprays or Broadcast Pesticides. No waste. Just throw the mosquitoes and flies away with the wrapper.

Online Articles About the Zika Virus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization

Knight Stick stops Stable Flies
That Bites! Brookfield Zoo in Chicago (pdf)

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Knight Stick protects tigers

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